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The Caffeinated Day Tripper is a blog for the great adventurers among us; the Lewis and Clark‘s (and Clark W. Griswolds) of our highways, byways & dirt country roads. These courageous souls desire nothing more than a full tank of gas, a steaming cup of coffee (to go), a camera, a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a passion to share those magical mini-treks with the world. Herman Melville expressed this timeless lust for wandering in Moby-Dick:

“I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas…”

Forbidden seas. (Sigh…) How sexy is that?

Worry not! Being adventurous doesn’t mean trading in your morals for miles, or your car for a boat, but it may mean turning off the Portable GPS Navigator, once in a while, and getting good and lost. Yep, lost. Remember the days before GPS and cell phones, when you took a wrong turn and had to depend on yourself, the kindness of strangers and, dare I say, A MAP?!? The best places pop up when one is good and lost.

At its core, day-tripping is about embracing life, nature, family, friends and that ever-present cup of coffee, to the fullest. Nothing soothes the injured soul of dedicated, yet underpaid workers (no doubt, being oppressed by “the man”) like daydreaming of the places s/he will visit, come the weekend; or, the Holy Grail of day trippers: The LONG weekend. Say it out loud with me: Loooong weekend. Let it roll around on your tongue. Enjoy that tender morsel of freedom, folks.

God that was good, right?

Day travel is affordable, exciting, and brave! It’s about throwing caution to the wind, being willing to encounter the unexpected (sometimes, the EXTREMELY unexpected) and, most importantly in our day & age, breaking up your usual boring…zzzzzzz…routine. Life is waiting! Okay, so you may not be able to hop on a plane, just now, to Bora Bora but at least meet life half way. In Vermont, say. Vermont can be  just as sort of as exciting as Bora Bora. No, really! Stick with me here…

I May Want To Be A Caffeinated Day Tripper Too.

Well, then, click that link to our blog and read on, my friend, and be sure to enter your email address in our “Follow” form in the sidebar of this page.

The Caffeinated Day Tripper is a unique travel and lifestyle blog where you can:

  • Lose yourself in exciting and often humorous (intentionally or otherwise) travel stories and personal writings.
  • Get tips to plan your own adventures for body, mind and soul.
  • Drink coffee along with me. Mmmm!
  • Find those hidden-gem hot spots, restaurants and downright quirky road-side attractions!
  • Contribute your own thoughts and experiences in comments or via social media.
  • SHOP! (Wait, what?)

Here you are part of a culture of day trippers and wandering souls, with me as your virtual copilot, helping you achieve your dreams.

I hereby vow to write blog posts that are:

  • Relevant to day/weekend travel or adventure goals.
  • Easy to follow (despite my many elipses and occasional ramblings) or use as inspiration.
  • Uplifting, dangerous and exciting! *throws confetti because confetti makes everything more exciting*

More on Travel Writer and Blogger, Erin Jorgensen

 My name is Erin Jorgensen. I live in Southern New Hampshire in the U.S. I’m a wife, mother of 4, travel lover, photographer, writer, poet and supremely caffeinated wanderer. I used to work in retail *shiver*. I reside just outside the 227 acre Sheldrick Forest Preserve, in Southern New Hampshire, among old growth pines that have stood nearly 200 years. There is A LOT of wildlife. Deer, moose, black bears, foxes, hawks, owls, porcupines…you name it, and we’ve had it in our backyard. It’s a beautiful, quiet, country area just close enough to a major chain donut & coffee shop to make my life livable and my writing/ photography possible. I write about travel, hiking and adventure lifestyles. I’m not a native New Hampshirite (I swear, I looked that up and they say it IS the proper term) but I grew up mainly in, equally rural, West Townsend Massachusetts and have lived in New Hampshire for over twenty years. I love living here. Our close proximity to mountains, beaches, cities and farmland make New Hampshire a day tripper’s dream. I’m also a 4.5 hour drive from New York City, one of my favorite travel spots on Earth. I’ve been to 20 US States, 4 Canadian provinces, Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas and St. John.

I employ photography, hiking, my love for travel and gardening in my blogging, as well as in the creation of my writing, Haiga and images. I also write short-form Asian poetry and short fiction. I was the founder and editor of Haiku Sun, an electronic ‘zine’ featuring the works of both aspiring and established haijin/poets and artists. I was the haiga editor for Simply Haiku in 2003 and the Visual Arts editor for Short Stuff, a journal of short form poetry. I also co-moderated the Visual Arts Forum at Haiku Hut, a forum for aspiring haijin on the net.

My work has been published in Flash!point, Short Stuff, Buddha’s Temple, Amaze, Danaho Muse, Simply Haiku and Haiga Online. It has also appeared in River Man Publishing House’s ‘Sakura’, as well as Peshekee River Poetry’s ‘Old Fedora’. I was a winner in the 2003 Tanka Splendor awards as well as both the 8th and 14th WHA haiga contests.

I like challenging myself: I love to hike, climb mountains, kayak, snowmobile and ride (on the backs of) motorcycles. I’ve whitewater rafted, gone dog sledding and zip-lined. I intend to try more fun, intimidating and ridiculous things.

I’m living my dream: I live in a cozy post and beam home, in a wooded paradise, where I divide my time between writing, photography, blogging, cooking for an amazing family and nature. How blessed is that?

I’m an optimist: Ferris Bueller said it best. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I know, on my death-bed, I’m going to wish I experienced a million more things. So I’m going to go out and find as many of them as I can!

I look forward to sharing my travel stories, tips and a lot of laughs with you. This, too, is the start of an incredible adventure!

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Erin Jorgensen – American travel writer, photographer, blogger and creator of The Caffeinated Day Tripper.