Travel Accessories, Like Paris, Are Always A Good Idea

Trendy Travel Accessories For Every Budget And Taste

You may have heard. I’m sort of in love with fashion; as much as I adore travel…but less than coffee (if you’re keeping a tally at home). Wine kicks all of their sorry butts but, hey, it’s wine. Duh.

I’m forever searching out cute travel outfits and accessories. I figure, if you have to pack a suitcase, make it fun. Today I thought I’d share some of these adorable items with you.

Totes are a must-have for every day tripping gal. Yes, we’ll over-stuff them with large (and mostly useless) crap…er, necessities…but isn’t that what being a woman is about? Hover over the images for information, pricing, reviews or to purchase. You can also spin the carousel and see where your fashion fortune takes you! Will it be Calvin Klein, Ivanka Trump, Franco Sarto, Lucky Brand?

Because Travel, Paris And Jewelry Are Always A Good Idea

Ah, Paris! I’ve never been. You probably have. For that I despise you.

I kid. Sort of…

But, seriously, is there anything more iconic in travel or fashion than the City of Light? No. No, there isn’t. 

Or so I hear.

So it seemed essential, to my own jealous psyche, that I share these shiny jewelry pieces with you. Maybe the travel karma gods will smile down upon me and an airline ticket will appear in my hot little hands.

What??? There could be travel karma gods.

It’s entirely (or minimally) possible.

A girl can dream, you know!

I, particularly, love the Betsey Johnson pieces. They are dainty, darling and daring all at once; just like women who travel! Grab yourself a little piece of Paris, as a memento or to share in my dream.

Backpacks Don’t Need To Be Boring! These Light-Duty Accessories Help You Travel In Style!

Admittedly, these fun print backpacks aren’t going to cut it if you’re planning on trekking through Nepal with all of your worldly possessions on your back. They will, however, leave your hands free to take lots of photos/selfies and shop on those day jaunts around Paris, to the beach or even school. What a great way to share your colorful personality with the world!


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