Meet Our Baby Porcupine, Porky Jr!

How Would You Like To Meet A Baby Porcupine?

     Two summers ago, we had our first porcupine encounter here at The Caffeinated Day Tripper homestead. If you’ve read our Who Is The Caffeinated Day Tripper page, you know that we live just outside the The Sheldrick Forest Preserve in Southern New Hampshire. We see A LOT of wildlife. Bears, foxes, owls, raccoons, deer, moose…you name it, we’ve got it. So it didn’t really come as any surprise when we found a porcupine chewing up the grass on our hill.

Then, Last Summer, That Porcupine Had A Baby!

     Awww! We only caught one quick glance of Porky Jr. that year, as Mama and baby dashed for cover into the raspberry bushes. But he was the cutest little thing. He even flashed his quills at us, just like Mom. Very tough. ;P

Well, this year, he is on his own. Last night we heard a rustling in a tree and, sure enough, there was Porky Jr., eight feet off the ground munching on branches.


Porky Jr. : Rebellious Teenager

Porcupine Tree

Porky Jr. : Mouth aghast that we would interrupt his dinner.

I didn’t want to scare the little porker too much while he was eating, so I kept a fair distance. It was also dusk. Thus the grainy nature of the photos. Wildlife is super important to our family. I love the work The Sheldrick Forest Preserve has done to ensure that these happy critters have a safe happy home. I also feel very lucky to live right alongside them. I try, as much as possible, not to alarm them when we come face to face.

As dark fell, and my camera began to refuse my best efforts at taming it, Porky Jr. climbed down and made his way through our field, nibbling at sweet clover all the way.


Nom, nom, nom.

I hope he’ll like life here in Southern New Hampshire. I hope that I’ll see a little Porky The Third wobbling around here in a few summers. Most of all, I hope that my dogs Iowa & Dougal won’t try to take on Porky, Porky Jr. or any subsequent quilled ancestors.

Labradoodle Australian Shepherd

Iowa & Dougal: Chasers of Critters

Have You Met A Porcupine?

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Until next time, enjoy your travels!