That Time A Wiener-Eating Tourist Had The Nerve To Photo-bomb My Selfie 10

Really, Tourist Dude? Wieners Now?


On Selfies And Photo-bombing

You’ve seen the photos of breathtakingly barren scenic landscapes and seemingly abandoned tourist attractions. You think to yourself: “Self, when I visit there, I am going to get the greatest photo of <–insert 8th Wonder of the World or bitchin’ selfie here–> that has ever existed! Then you realize that several hundred (sometimes, thousand) other tourists have dared to share in your adventure. Sheep.

Okay, okay. You can deal. After all, you don’t own the Earth. Yet. (But when your plan for global domination finally kicks in, look out tourists! Muahahaha!).

You get creative with where you stand. Artfully cropping or painting the photo could work…

Then this guy shows up.

6, 288 ft. on the summit of a mountain and some schmuck is photo-bombing us while jamming his face full of pork by-product!


Even the small child in the red jacket (who does not belong to me but is, at least, too young to know better than to photo-bomb) is like:

“Really, dude? Wieners? Here? Now?”

Look, we all have to eat. I’ve been known to partake of the occasional colon-clogging delicacy myself. But, if you’ve read my post Snowpocalypse! Run For Your Lives! (A White Mountains Adventure) you know that, for 76 years, Mount Washington held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth’s surface. That’s 231 mph (372 km/h), recorded on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. We’re talking ANYWHERE on the Earth here, folks. Yes, even Everest. And that was in April, which is springtime in New Hampshire. Mount Washington is cranky. Notice my dear-god-did-the-hiroshima-bomb-go-off-again? hairstyle. Or the way my daughter (identity protected because, well, I’m her mother…poor dear) & I are clinging to one another, for fear of being rocketed toward Canada. Or how, despite that fact that it’s 96 degrees on terra firma, we’re freezing in our fleeces?

And there’s Wiener Dude (he shall, heretofore, be referred to as such), trying to get a nosh in.

In my, otherwise epic, selfie*shakes fist, angrily*

Okay, admittedly this is a pretty grainy photo, taken via iPod. And there is the issue of the dear-god-did-the-hiroshima-bomb-go-off-again? hairstyle. “Epic” may be a slight overstatement. Nevertheless, I am trying to create a mood here. This is a man with some serious pig-out purpose! Feet firmly planted, gripping not one but 2 steamed wieners, as condiments spray on him like seawater against The Titanic. His family has moved on down the mountain, no doubt not wanting to incur his impending gaseous wrath. Who can blame them? Yet, defiant, he stands, in full knowledge that he is SCREWING UP MY PICTURE!

Look–we’ll all suffer the indignity of having our family or travel photos bombed by the more ignorant among us. I certainly could have cropped Wiener Dude out. I still may for a future post. But next time you battle the clueless masses, you may think about my encounter with Wiener Dude and feel a sense of kinsman-ship with The Caffeinated Day Tripper.

Have you suffered the indignity of being photo-bombed? Do you have the photos to prove it?

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Happy Travels & (almost) Perfect Selfies!



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