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Meet The Tigers of Maharajah Jungle Trek at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


Disney’s Maharajah Jungle Trek Tigers

Animal Kingdom’s Maharajah Jungle Trek self-guided tour attraction feels like a walk through ancient ruins in Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia. The architecture, animal carvings and ruins were painstakingly recreated by Disney’s Imagineers in an effort to replicate what they experienced in their travels to Asia before designing the park. About 1,700 animals and 250 species of amphibian, birds, reptiles, and mammals make Animal Kingdom their home. What I want to focus on today, however, is Panthera Tigris (also known as the Asian Tiger).  The Maharajah collection consists of six female tigers. These furry femme fatales stand as the living breathing embodiment of Disney’s mission to delight guests while educating them on the importance of animal conservation, care, education and research.

So What do You Need To Know To Get The Best View of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tigers?


The early bird gets the…tiger?

I can’t stress this enough: Get there early. These tigers sleep. A lot. (Like, most of the time.) Especially when it’s hot. Think of your little house cat and how much s/he sleeps. If you get there early, the cats are fresh and ready to frolic!

Preparing to frolic!

Preparing to frolic.

Have patience. People tend to walk away if they don’t see a tiger immediately. With a little perseverance, the girls will appear for you and put on a great show.

Sure, they look ferocious but, trust me, they are playing.

“Grrr…I don’t wanna play. It’s hot.” “Oh, sure you do. C’mon…*nudge nudge*”

Get that camera snapping! Getting a great photo of a tiger doesn’t come easy. Snap a bunch. You can always delete. I mean, you don’t want to miss a photo like this do you?

Look at those fangs! Just a friendly reminder to ease up. (You know how sister can be)

Say cheese!

Last, but not least, enjoy these incredible animals. These big cats typically live in forests and grasslands. Their stripes make them difficult to spot. In Animal Kingdom, they are right there in front of you! Sadly, humans are the tiger’s only predator. They are illegally killed for their fur and (this is not for the squeamish) their penises, which are thought to be aphrodisiacs. Humans also destroy the tigers’ habitat.  As a result, tiger numbers have decreased and these gorgeous felines are on the endangered species list. Interpol has even gotten involved. You, too, can do something to help by picking up one of these symbolic adoption kits (so cute!) from the World Wildlife Fund for a donation as little as $9 a month. According to the WWF: “Since 1900, the estimated number of wild tigers has declined from 100,000 to as few as 3,200. Your symbolic adoption could mean the difference between survival and extinction for species and wildlife around the world.”


Save us! (I mean, look at these faces.)

One more bit of advice: Tigers love to swim and they love to eat. So if, by chance, you don’t take my advice to get up early…or that pesky alarm clock doesn’t go off, there’s one more option. Make the Tiger Exhibit your last stop of the day. You can often find the whole family playing in the fountain or hanging out near the door to their private sanctuary, awaiting dinner.

Along with thrilling rides, entertaining attractions, animal exhibits, a safari adventure (more great photos ops, early in the day, so get a Fast Pass+), a Broadway-style musical and Disney’s trademark parades, Maharajah Jungle Trek makes Animal Kingdom a fantastic day trip destination! Click here for a printable map of the park and here for hours and more information.



Have You Visited Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom And The Maharajah Jungle Trek?

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