Closer To Home: New Hampshire Morning on the Farm

New Hampshire Morning on the Farm

Morning on the Farm

I Hope You Enjoy These, Occasional, Photos That Are A Little Closer To Home

I love to travel/ hike but I also love my home state of New Hampshire in the U.S.! Mountains, beaches, farms, cities, forests, lakes and waterfalls; we have it all! Today, I wanted to share this lovely morning view of a ramshackle barn set against textural grasses and brilliant blue skies.


Enjoy your day!

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Erin, The Caffeinated Day Tripper
ErinThe Caffeinated Day Tripper

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    • Reply Erin

      Oh I’m so glad it reminds you of wonderful times :) I’m not, however, going to fast forward the summer for you. Sorry, just can’t do it after that hellish winter we had ;) Hope you have fun in August though!

    • Reply Erin

      Oh, I’m so glad, Karen. It truly is beautiful here and I’m thankful to get to enjoy it every day.

  1. Reply Syd

    You make me nostalgic for New England. Which, I’m going to be honest, is not really an easy task, considering how much I love living in the southwest now…

    • Reply Erin

      So true, I could actually. :) Lots of good places to do just that in NH actually. Thanks for your time & comment!

  2. Reply Gabor Kovacs

    Wonderful image Erin, it transmits a feeling of serenity. One would love just to lay down next to this barn and watch the clouds on the sky!

    • Reply Erin

      I have a similar barn on my own property and, you’re right, it somehow evokes that sense. People are so charmed by it. It’s a nod to simpler times, I think. Thanks for your comment, Gabor :)

  3. Reply Amber

    I am in LOVE with old wooden barns. I guess that’s part of growing up in the country? Anyway, I’ve been saying lately that I’d love to start a photo project capturing old worn barns all across the country. They are so beautiful in their own way, and you’ve captured that perfectly here! :)

    • Reply Erin

      It’s fun to check out photos of where we’re all from isn’t it, Sam? We have a little of everything here in NH. Mountains, beaches, lakes & farmland. I can’t complain. Well…except about the snow :)

    • Reply Erin

      Why, thank you, Ms. Marilyn. I’ve received a lot of messages inquiring about what it looks like here so may feature a post here & there on my area.

  4. Reply Globalmouse

    Gorgeous photo – that’s one to frame! Pretty different to our farms in England too but makes me want to go and wander through some New Hampshire fields!

    • Reply Erin

      I always wonder whether the farmlands look similar in England because we are called New England. Question, answered :) Thanks, Globalmouse. I’m glad you enjoyed the picture.

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