Throw Back Thursday: Mount Monadnock from Monte Rosa

A View of Mount Monadnock From Monte Rosa

Mount Monadnock, standing atop Monte Rosa

Mount Monadnock, standing atop Monte Rosa

It’s Throw Back Thursday, #tbt, so we thought we’d share an old favorite among our followers.

This Breathtaking View of Mount Monadnock, Taken From Atop Monte Rosa, During a Spring Hike



What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Click HERE to See More Photos of Mount Monadnock via Monte Rosa!

Have you hiked Monte Rosa or Mount Monadnock? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Reply Bob R

    Looks like a nice spot. I never managed to explore much of New New England when I lived in the states. Gonna check out the other pics right now. :)

  2. Reply Chris Boothman

    Beautiful image! Always love seeing snow capped mountains and mountain ranges, it probably doesn’t help that I live in Arkansas right now where we are on the proverbial flat lands of USA. Looking forward to visiting New Hampshire and other surrounding states over Memorial Day to do some exploring.

    • Reply Erin

      I think you’ll really enjoy it. Try to drive up the Mount Washington Auto Road while in NH. It typically opens in mid-May (assuming we don’t have a freak snow storm) and it is a truly amazing experience. Unbelievable views and the road is super fun to drive!

    • Reply Erin

      I do feel pretty lucky to be so close to mountains, beaches & cities. New Hampshire is a pretty great place to live :)

    • Reply Erin

      It JUST warmed up enough to melt most of the snow here last week. I honestly thought we’d never be rid of it and STILL have some, here and there. I’m so over it!

  3. Reply Samantha @mytanfeet

    Beauutiful! Reminds me of the mountains here in WA with the snow caps. It was weird to see mountains without snow in Costa Rica since I am used to them with snow!

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