Spring Thaw: Hiking The Tudor Trail on Willard Pond

Enjoy The Spring Thaw on Willard Pond

vertical frozen lake view

A Brief Description of Spring Thaw: Hiking Tudor Trail on Willard Pond

I’ve decided to start publishing picture posts, from time to time, as travel & hiking inspiration. This is a shot of Willard Pond, taken while hiking the Tudor Trail, in the dePierrefeu Wildlife Sanctuary in Antrim, New Hampshire. You can read more about this hike in my post: Bald Mountain Menace: Suspected Peeping Moose, Caught On Camera!

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  1. Reply Dave Cole

    Beautiful shot, with the trees lining the backdrop! Although I grew up not far from New Hampshire, I haven’t done a lot of hiking there. It looks like there is some beautiful country to explore.

    • Reply Erin

      There is Dave. Did you ever make it up to Mt. Washington and the white mountains area when you were nearby? It really is amazing.

  2. Reply Marie-Carmen

    Well the “spring” part of the name is a bit… cold! ;)
    It looks lovely and very refreshing too! Wouldn’t mind a hike around there! Just need a coat :D

    • Reply Erin

      It actually wasn’t that bad that day. The sun really kept it warm and hiking keeps the blood pumping & warms you up! Better than the darn snow we got today :( C’mon Spring, where are you???

    • Reply Erin

      For me, it would be but I wouldn’t mind the 1 hr. 45 minute ride in each direction. Depends if you don’t mind the drive. Just go before of after may fly season. They are brutal around here, typically from mid May to early June, depending on the weather. If you do go, let me know what you think!

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