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A psychedelic take on George Mendonsa and Greta Friedman's iconic photo, originally taken in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945.
A prismatic mural by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, of George Mendonsa and Greta Friedman’s iconic kiss, which was originally photographed in Times Square on VJ Day 1945, by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Love Art & Heading to NYC? Don’t Miss The High Line Park!

Located on Manhattan’s West Side, the High Line (founded in 1999) is an elevated public park, on the historic former NYC Central Spur, a train rail running from Gansevoort Street, in the Meatpacking District, to West 34th Street.

What Forms of Art Can Be Seen Via the High Line?

Jordan Betten's, Lady Luck. View the amazing video of its creation HERE.

Jordan Betten’s, Lady Luck offers a billboard-style installation in winter, as well as a broader impact via the painted floor come spring. View the amazing video of its creation HERE!

 In spring and summer, lush foliage, candy-colored flowers, shade trees and delicately waving textured grasses transform the High Line into an urban oasis above the chaos of the city. This green-spot is punctuated by some of the finest in commissioned and produced public street art, presented by Friends of the High Line. In winter, art, graffiti and stark city views vie for attention. Best of all, it’s all FREE due to generous donations and fundraising efforts.

Young Veezy, Arist Unknown.

Young Veezy, Arist Unknown.

Industrial sculpture  and vibrant graffiti complement one another in the afternoon sun.

Urban Rattle by Charlie Hewitt. To view a slideshow of its creation, click HERE.

Urban Rattle by Charlie Hewitt. To view a slide show of its creation, click HERE.

Black and white graffiti, bare-bones brick architecture and warming light, become as one.

Even Graffiti, architecture & light, playing off one another, are art!

A rusting fire escape, transformed.

 A rainbow in winter.

A wider view of Eduardo Kobra's mural work.

A wider view of Eduardo Kobra’s mural work.

What You Need to Know When Visiting The High Line Park

  • The High Line is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • Access to the High Line is possible via any of the access points listed below:
     Gansevoort Street
14th Street (elevator access)
West 16th Street (elevator access)
West 18th Street
West 20th Street
23rd Street (elevator access) ***
West 26th Street
West 28th Street
West 30th Street (elevator access)

Directions to The High Line, via public transportation:


L or the A / C / E to 14th Street & 8th Avenue
C / E to 23rd Street & 8th Avenue
1 / 2 / 3 to 14th Street & 7th Avenue
1 to 18th Street & 7th Avenue
1 to 23rd Street & 7th Avenue

M11 to Washington Street
M11 to 9th Avenue
M14 to 9th Avenue
M23 to 10th Avenue
M34 to 10th Avenue

High Line Park is wheelchair accessible. No dogs allowed.

Want to Visit The High Line? Maybe Take in Some FREE Art? Have You Been to The High Line?

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42 thoughts on “High Line Park: The Ultimate in NYC’s FREE Public & Street Art!

    • Erin Post author

      Oh, you should. The photos just don’t do justice to these artists’ work.You have to see the Kobra mural live and in person! thanks for stopping in to check it out, Megs 🙂

  • Jess

    I love the high line! I’m a fan of rail trails in general, and I love the ‘natural’ landscaping they have.

  • Michael Huxley

    Wow, I love that first picture! So amazing! I’d love to see that for myself! I really like the original black and white photo too though, did you know they actually tracked down the sailor and the nurse in the photo years later when they were old and reunited them for the first time since that picture was taken?

    • Erin Post author

      Yes, he actually passed away the day I posted this, coincidently. Glad you enjoyed it. Definitely see it in person when you can! Thanks for popping in, Mike. 🙂

  • anna parker

    love the high line – such a peaceful enclave in the city and with such quirky views. what I like is how you can go in at the funky meatpacking district and come out near the bright lights of the theatre district, having enjoyed peace and a national park!

    • Erin Post author

      Exactly! And don’t you love how it never looks like the same place twice? Particularly with the changes in art and landscape. Thanks for stopping in!

  • memographer

    A beautiful collection, Erin. My favorite mural here is the mural of The Kiss. The Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photo is one of my favorites street photos of all time.

    • Erin Post author

      Isn’t it lovely? If I had heard that someone would pay tribute to Eisenstaedt’s photo, via a prismatic mural in spray paint, I’d have probably scoffed at the idea…but it really does pay it homage nicely. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to comment, Alex 🙂 Your own work is wonderful.

  • Chris Boothman

    Street art in NYC is awesome – simple as that! I know on our last trip to NYC, we flew into La Guardia and then took the bus to downtown Manhattan and along the route we saw so much in terms of high quality street art.

    I know that many folks frequently look down on this because they see it as either vandalism or graffiti in a negative way, but honestly just look at the pure skill and quality of these images.

  • Gabor Kovacs

    We always look for street art, when we visit a place (Georgetown, Malaysia or Valparaíso, Chile were our favorite places from this point of view), but I missed out on this one when I visited NYC. Probably as it was my first time, there were too many things to see in just a week, I will definitely check out this next time! Thanks for the tip!

    • Erin Post author

      You’re very welcome, Gabor! You’ll enjoy it & I certainly know how hard it is to pack all there is to see in NYC into a week! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Bob R

    These are great. I’ll be starting a street art theme blog link up this week Wednesday. Drop me a line if you’re interested in participating.

  • Tara Gorman

    Beautiful! I definitely want to check this out sometimes – always love the sailor kissing photo, but the mural is incredible! Thanks for showing us 😀

    • Erin Post author

      I hear you. There really are so many talented artists out there who deserve for their work to be seen somewhere besides in an alley!

  • Nina

    I love street art, great pictures! The mural work from Eduardo Kobra is my favorite. It was on the news just yesterday that the kissing sailor from the iconic photo has passed away at age 86.

  • frankaboutcroatia

    New York City doesn’t stop to surprise and impress me. Haven’t known about High Line Street Art. Lovely shots, and some really nice art work. Love that last one.

    • Erin Post author

      That’s what I adore about NYC, in general. It’s ever-changing…always brand new. As is its art seen!

  • Anastasia Sofia

    Ahhh I didn’t get chance to visit when I was in NYC but I’ve heard about this place… or maybe I’ve seen it on an episode of something filmed in NYC. I’d totally love to visit the park, such a cool concept, especially with the graffiti. I love graffiti, and saw so much great artwork when I was there.

    • Erin Post author

      You’ve got to go if you get back there. You’ll LOVE it! I suggest a summer evening too. It’s open later & very serene and romantic.

  • Conversant Traveller

    Some great shots there Erin, I love street art, it’s just that bit different and often, e.g. in the case of graffiti turning what was once seen as a negative into a positive. I love the artists who do their 3D work on pavements too, just blows my mind every time.

    • Erin Post author

      You’re totally right. That transformation from something to defile into something to delight makes it all the more beautiful!

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