Owl You Need Is Love 12

It’s Valentine’s week and I’m getting a little punny. No worries, though, it’s going to be owlright. If puns are your thing, stick with me. We’ll have a hoot together!

*hears the sound of stampeding feet exiting the blog*

What? Too much??

Okay, okay! Wait! Come back!

The real purpose of this post is to take a tip from some of my dear readers (SUCH smart folks!) and share a little about the wildlife on my property, as mentioned in About The Caffeinated Day Tripper. I get a lot of questions like, “Aren’t you terrified? Do you carry bear spray? How can a grown woman be afraid of pigs?” so, I thought, occasionally, as creatures stumble, trot and flap their way out of the forest, and into my life, I’d share the stories, and photos. It’s a sidestep from my usual day trip related postings but, hey, the people get what the people want here!

Yesterday morning, I awoke bleary-eyed from a heavily medicated slumber. I’ve had the flu forever for over a week and took a coughing, sneezing, aching, stuffy-head, so you can sleep kind of medication (you know the one) to aid me in the process of recovery. I was chugging my daily extra-large coffee from the comfort of the sofa and intently listening to something captivating The Caffeinated Hubby was saying.

*Disclaimer: “Intently” may be an overstatement. I can’t remember quite what said captivating item was but, rest assured, that, if I had NOT been strung out on the devil’s cold & flu elixir, I would definitely have been paying absolute rapt attention to his every word. I am nothing, if not an AMAZING listener.  His stories are nothing, if not spell-binding. Truly.

Despite this unfailing attention to every compelling detail,  my eyes strayed…merely momentarily…to the window, behind him:

Momentary loss of attention instigator.

Momentary, loss-of-attention instigator.

Instantly I thought, bees nest. Because I am also nothing, if not observant and quick-witted. I blinked a time or two, rubbed some sleep-goop from my eyes and wheezed out, “Wait, that’s no bees nest. Is that an owl?”

Indeed, friends, it was an owl; napping in the sun, in a pine, outside my very own window.

Being the attentive, conscientious, wife that I am, I naturally jumped up and ran off for my camera chanting, “Don’t you go anywhere, Mr. Owl!” over and over like a wildlife-worshiping Gregorian monk. I took the stairs, two at a time, swiped my handy-dandy Nikon off the desk and was in the window, snapping picture after picture, for the next five minutes.

Owl he needs is a nap.

And, all the while, The Caffeinated Hubby humored me; nodding, agreeably, in all the right places, responding to my gasps of, “Did you see him move? Shhh! Don’t scare him! Why won’t this damned camera work? Fix it!!!”

When our own feathered cupid was frightened off by an avalanche of snow, falling from a limb above, we watched, together, as he glided back into the shelter of the forest.

Turns out…conversation isn’t what you need anyway.

Owl you need is love.


Got any good owl puns? (Are there any good owl puns?) What’s this about pigs? Want to ask questions or share your own wildlife stories? Leave a message in the comments section below. Don’t forget to follow the blog to keep up on all latest posts. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter & Google +!

12 thoughts on “Owl You Need Is Love

  • Samantha @mytanfeet

    AWWWW!! I love owls! I can imagine how excited you were, I once saw a huge brown owl perched on my roof during the middle of the day but I didn’t have my camera to take a picture. That one you saw is quite the beauty!

    • Erin Post author

      I’m hoping to see him again. I saw a fresh owl kill last spring in my yard (not him)…probably by a fox. Hope this guy will know to stay in the trees ;P

  • foreignsanctuary

    What a beautiful sight to see while having your morning coffee!! And I believe you, I am sure you are a good listener. It is the men who sometimes have selective hearing 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  • The Troll

    Doe I Dare?

    Your wonderful tale of wildlife reminded me of an encounter I had with a young deer a few weeks ago. This tale will help you in your quest to overcome your fear of pigs or any other animal.

    I was walking beside a train at work and came across a doe that was trying to find a way through a 10 foot fence. Upon my approach, the doe began to run back and forth in great panic as she could not find a way to escape me or get over the fence. I stopped in my tracks. Doe I continue walking? Doe I try and coax the young deer to run away to freedom? I was very perplexed.

    After deciding that standing there wasting my time was not of any service to the doe or to me, I proceeded on. The doe, using its powerful intelligence, kept running along the fence trying to crash through. On the tenth panicked pass along the fence line, the young doe tried to crash through the fence at a spot where a very visible fence pole was cemented into the ground. Now, I will spare you the details of the resulting misfortune and thankfully for your wonderful readers, I did not have a camera but know that someone (not me) had fresh venison with nary a bullet hole in it for dinner that evening.

    The lesson of this story is that although as beautiful and exciting as any encounter with wildlife can be, we all need to remember that a fear of something that is obviously completely stupid is unwarranted.

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