Snowpocalypse! Run For Your Lives! (A White Mountains Adventure) 28

Let me just set the scene for you, last weekend, here in New Hampshire:

Now available in Panic-Vision!

Now available in Utter-Panic-Vision!

Run for your lives!

Race to your local supermarket!!

Ignore the traffic lights!!!

Double-park in the fire lanes!!!!

Tackle anyone, in your way, to get that last loaf of bread…gallon of water…carton of milk! Yes, even that little old lady with the walker, for…

The Snowpocalypse is upon us!!!


That’s right, knock yourselves out. Panic when it snows. Pack your pantries (thank goodness for auto-correct, as I accidentally wrote “panties” there) with groceries, aplenty. On second thought, pack your PANTIES with groceries, aplenty, too! What, the hell, do I care?

For, I was here…

Washington sunset perfect hue sharp

Dear God! Is that Heaven?

This is Mount Washington. It is the highest mountain (6,288 ft.), east of the Mississippi River, and it knows weather. Real weather. You’re afraid that a normal little winter snowstorm (yes, they ARE normal, contrary to what your local ratings-hungry weatherman wants you to believe) might make you miss second breakfast? Or not manage that 8 glasses of water per day, to keep you properly hydrated? Or force you over-caffeinated, coffee-addicted zombies to live without a little splash of milk in your coffee?

Hey, wait a minute, this could affect me?

*loses trail of thought, scampers off to kitchen to make sure we have milk and then resumes typing*

What was I saying?

Ah yes! For 76 years, Mount Washington held the record for the highest wind gust, directly measured at the Earth’s surface. That’s 231 mph (372 km/h), recorded on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. We’re talking ANYWHERE on the Earth here, folks. Yes, even Everest. And that was in April. Mount Washington is no sissy.

So what do I do when there’s a snowstorm coming? What every self-respecting, hyperactive, redheaded, day-tripper does! I load up on coffee, gas up the car, grab my camera and head three hours north, via The Kancamagus Highway, to The White Mountains National Forest and, ultimately Mount Washington. Why?

A) Because, like all mountains, it’s there…duh. And it’s a stunning drive. I mean, look…what storm?

Am I right?

This is the view from the highway??? Yep.

B) Because I ADORE passing the The North Conway Depot and Railroad Yard in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Built waaaay back in 1874!

Built waaaay back in 1874! Isn’t it gorgeous?

C) Because of May Kelly’s Cottage. We’ll stop in at May’s later on in this post and, BOY, will you thank me for it!

For now, enjoy some photos I took on the drive up, pre-snowmageddon (notice the approaching storm-of-death clouds, as these photos progress):

I think this is The Ammonoosuc River

I think this is The Ammonoosuc River.


Icy-blue, January skies with little wisps of clouds. Nope, no storm here.

boulder panorama

Breathtaking views of the mountain range!

dusk trees

Um, sun? Sort of…

dark skies


By now, the wind had begun to pick up, temperatures had plummeted and we limited the photo-ops, in an effort to reach Mt. Washington before the storm. Or sunset. Or we froze to death. Whichever came first. We managed to beat the storm and arrive at the base of the mountain just as the sun started to dip behind it. How lucky is that?

stark landscape 2

Purple Dusk


purple majesty

washington sunet edit

The prize: Sunset peeking through storm clouds.

This is why we day-trip!

This is why we day-trip!

Gorgeous, right? But really REALLY cold! Hubby & I hopped in our car, as the snow flurries started. It would be a long trip back. Wherever could we find warmth, charm, hospitality, amazing food, cold Guinness and the best Celtic music before our journey home? Why our favorite Irish pub & restaurant, of course! May Kelly’s Cottage!

Check out the size of this reuben which The Caffeinated Hubby classified as the best he's ever had!

Check out this Reuben sandwich, which The Caffeinated Hubby classified as the best he’s ever had before finishing the other half!

Sláinte! (To your health!)

Sláinte! (To your health!)

If you stop in on a Friday night, you could even get to see our very favorite duo Four Feet, Two Shoes! (By the way, if you watch the linked YouTube video from last St. Patty’s Day, you can catch a glimpse of us at the 30 second mark ;P) They’re amazingly talented and entertaining!

After a few of the black & tan, with full tummy’s and warm hearts, we headed home.

It was a long, slow, tedious ride.

And, man, was it worth it.

(And, man, was it snowing.)

Have you been to any of the locations in this post? Have any other recommendations? Want to share your experiences? Leave a comment! I love hearing from you. 🙂

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Us May Kelly's

The Caffeinated Day Tripper

28 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse! Run For Your Lives! (A White Mountains Adventure)

  • RobRob@TravelLatte(.net)

    What a fun post! We just got back from our first trip to NH and absolutely loved it! Of course, no snow. But it was Columbus Day weekend, so we got the White Mountains’ version of Car-pocalips. ; ) Love the photos – hope to make it up there for a proper New England snow storm one day!

    • Erin Post author

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and even happier to hear that you loved your trip to NH and the White Mountains! Columbus Day weekend is a great time to go. Did you happen to try the Cannon Mountain tram? It’s a fun ride up and offers great views from several trails atop Cannon.

  • A Brit and A Southerner

    Awesome post and absolutely love those pictures! I find it crazy that here in Arkansas whenever there is any sign of snow (and here we mean anything above 1/2 inch) people go crazy and have to run to Wal-Mart and grab that gallon of milk and loaf of bread!!

    • Erin Post author

      Thanks! I know, isn’t it nuts? And I can almost understand it, in places where snow is unusual, but for folks, who grew up in New England, to freak out is hilarious to me. It’s just winter. Everybody chill 🙂

  • sydschulz2013

    I went to college in VT so I understand the beauty of a New England snow storm. And also the hilarity that ensues as everyone predicts the apocalypse. Also, my phone once autocorrected “panther” to “panties” resulting in some serious misunderstandings. It happens.

  • frankaboutcroatia

    We are lucky that you are fearless of the snow storms, and that your fridge was actually stuffed with milk (important to splash into your coffee). OK, and that you do have a good camera. So, photos are amazing. Mount Washington under the snow impressive. And May Kelly…. will not even go into that. Looks delicious!

  • foreignsanctuary

    You introduction at the beginning made me LOL!! Great write-up & lovely pictures! It sounds like you had a great (but a little cold 😉 day!! And what a better way to end the day but to tap your feet to good old Irish music!! 🙂

    • Erin Post author

      Oh, you’ve made my day. So glad I could make you laugh 🙂 Yes, the day and the music were wonderful. Thanks, so much, for popping in!

    • Erin Post author

      That’s okay, Sharon. I’m willing to get out there for you so you can just enjoy the photos 😉 Thanks for stopping in!

  • Samantha @mytanfeet

    It looks beautiful but I think I’ll admire it from afar haha. Don’t know if I can handle snowstorms anymore and last time I was in one I had no power or water for a week -_- No fun!

  • Dana Carmel (@timetravelplans)

    Great attitude – when a snowstorm is coming, hightail it out of town for a day trip! We don’t have snowstorms here in L.A. although I sometimes wish we did. But any reason is always good enough for a day trip. Beautiful pics and I can definitely see why you love passing by The North Conway Depot and Railroad Yard.

  • Travelling Book Junkie

    Great pictures. I love the description at the beginning: the swiping of food as if the apocalypse is upon us. We experience that every year in the UK when the Met Office predict we are going to get all of 2 mm of snow and everything in this country coming to a grinding holt – I would love to say at this point I am joking but this really is the case – schools close, buses can’t move and everyone has a snow day or three.

    I would love to experience the snow capped mountains of your pictures and by the sounds of it the pub as well. 🙂

    • Erin Post author

      Sounds like the South, here 🙂 Everyone panics at a dusting of snow. Hope you do make it to the White Mountains, at some point. And, es, the pub, of course! Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment!

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