Spooning Puxatawney Phil 2

Who knew it would come to this? I’m seriously considering spooning with a groundhog.

I come to you today from the wilds of New Hampshire and we’re being walloped with snow! It’s what we, in New England, call a N’oreaster. Essentially, that means the snowpocalypse.

I’m thankful that we have power and heat (so far). What we don’t have is a wireless signal strong enough for my PC. Yet, my meager iPod does. How is this possible? Someone more tech savvy than I would probably know. What I know is that our local cable company seems to function off of two rusted tin cans and a frayed string, and it IS a snowpocalypse, so I’m not particularly surprised.

So, here I sit, blogging something rather than the something day-travel related I have, saved as a draft, trapped within the confines of my PC. There will be no photos, no fancy links, no bells & whistles ; just me, my iPod and a groundhog named Puxatawny Phil. Because, I think I’ve decided to hibernate.

Yes, hibernate.

The holidays are exhausting, the snow…well, I’m already over it…and this hibernation gig seems pretty sweet. I can’t travel or hike in this so, move over Phil! A cozy den, a cuddly groundhog to spoon with, sleeping until late winter (my favorite time for hiking)…sounds pretty good, right?

And, hey, my wireless signal couldn’t be any worse in a hole in the ground.

Wait! Dear god, this just occurred to me! Is there coffee in a groundhog’s den? Gasp! No? No caffeine??

Sorry, Phil, dates off.

Erin, The Caffeinated Day Tripper

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