The One in Which My Sister’s Taco Dip, Real Life and a Leather Belt Plot Against Me.


Have you ever felt conspired against? You know, by circumstance…distraction…delicious Mexican food?

Viva, Taco Dip!

Yeah, me too.

It’s Friday. It’s the holiday season. I’m working, diligently, on a group of photos for an upcoming blog post.

Okay, maybe not so diligently, if I’m honest.

I mean, I WANT to blog more. Every day, if possible. But, this week, Christmas has bogged me down.

Along with one nefarious foe.

You see, my sister makes this taco dip.

<–insert choir of angels here–>

This stuff is like crack, to Rob Ford. (Too soon?) She, generously, brought a dish of it to our annual Christmas Eve party. And there were leftovers. LOTS of leftovers. Cheese, beans, salsa, sour cream, dear god is that cream cheese too (?)…

<–insert, yet another, sound. That of my leather belt straining and breaking *boing* here–>

To be more accurate, I’m eating, diligently. I ran out of tortilla chips yesterday and have now resorted to mere wheat crackers…

…and it’s STILL so freaking good!

And there’s still more to eat! *gulp*

Also, there is that pesky real life deal. You know, real life? Where you have to stick your arms in greasy water, up to the elbows to unclog a sink? Or unclog the toilet that no one knows anything about? Or pick up the cat poo that, by means of evil feline plot, somehow ended up smack-dab centered on the welcome mat on your front porch? (Just to sum up, we’ve learned 2 things: 1) That our cat clearly has social anxiety or deep-seated anger issues and 2) I have to unclog a lot of things around here.)

No worries, the photos will get done. No, really.

But, god, I need a hike.

A) Because my leather belt is giving out on me (traitorous bastard)

B) Because these photos I’m working on are giving me the itch.


Here’s a sneak preview of what’s got me fantasizing:

It hurts my eyes, it's so gorgeous. Sigh...

*Wayne’s-World-esque dream sequence music plays*

I could have gone ahead and re-sized that down a bit…will probably have to for the official post…but wanted to share that with you in its full glory. And the photo still doesn’t do it justice. You have GOT to climb this, sucker (when I reveal where it is, of course).

In fact, you’ve got to climb them all.

For,  as the great, Henry Rollins once said, “There’s a lot of mountain climbers trapped inside of bodies of people behind the counter at Kinko’s”.

Okay, there are some slight grammatical issues there…but insightful words, nonetheless!

(a must read)

Life is just too damned busy. And, most terrifying of all, it’s going by way too fast.

Lean in close. No, seriously, lean in. You ready?

*whispers, “It’s kind of freaking me out.

So I edit photos and then pick up poo. Write and then unclog something. Dream about hiking, promote the blog a little and then eat more taco dip.  Occasionally, I may even loosen my belt before unclogging something again.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that keeps me from throwing on my well-worn hiking boots and trekking through the ice & snow. Excuse my French, but REAL New England girls love that shit!

But…at least I’m not behind a counter at Kinko’s*. And THAT, my friends, is something to be thankful for. ;P

So, until next time, I plug away at writing, push away my plate of “nefarious foe”, invest in a wholesale club sized bottle of Drano and start planning the next trip.

What are YOU waiting for? Where would you go if life weren’t in the way?







Erin, The Caffeinated Day Tripper: American travel writer, photographer, blogger and creator of The Caffeinated Day Tripper.

*no offense to all of the wonderful folks at Kinko’s. Blame Henry Rollins.