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Since the first colonizers of New France stepped foot on Québec's shores, the Québécois have been gathering, before Lent, to eat, drink and party through the hardships of winter. This custom endured in the form of Carnaval, an 1894 reinvention of this long-standing tradition. Today, Québec's Winter Carnival is the world's largest winter carnival and third on the list of top carnivals, just after Rio and New Orleans.

Carnaval de Québec: Quebec’s Winter Carnival

The Gift of Travel is Priceless Making memories; it’s what life is all about. This year, give your loved ones the gift that lasts a lifetime…travel! Travel Gift Cards Want to cover their flight and hotel costs? How about a gift card?   Southwest Airlines Gift Card $100  Hyatt Gift […]

Give the Gift of Travel

Trendy Layerable Basics That Hold Up To Your Adventurous Lifestyle Dunland Women’s Autumn Waterfall Aztec Poncho Draped Oversized Batwing Cardigan Autumn is here. Time to pack up those summer clothes and break out the fall adventure gear. Layers are key to keeping warm on those chilly mornings/ nights or keeping […]

Cute and Comfy Autumn Styles for Your Next Stylish Travel ...

Today was another perfect day in Rockport Massachusetts. You know the kind. All warm sun and cobalt skies reflected in the sea. It was an “Instagram” kind of day; no fussing with fancy photo settings that distract the soul. Views, moments, memories: We let the breezes blow our hair. We […]

Another Perfect Day in Rockport Massachusetts

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Turn up your volume and enjoy the view from the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, as a fellow admirer gave thanks in his own beautiful way. Enjoy your day!   Don’t be shy! Leave a comment in the comment box below. We love to hear from you! And don’t forget […]

Video: Mount Washington View

Looking for Retro & Vintage-look Coffee Themed Signs for Your Home or Coffee Shop? Look no more! We've got just the perfect thing. Browse our selection and satisfy your caffeine addiction!

Retro and Vintage-look Coffee Themed Signs

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“Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like […]

Ogunquit Maine: Beautiful Place by the Sea

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A rosy-cheeked toddler, with curling strawberry blond hair, is propped in a coffee-colored recliner. His chubby arm clutches an orange striped stuffed lion. I widen my eyes, grin big and say, "Cheese!". He flashes tiny perfect white teeth, squints his lushly lashed green eyes and squeals, "TEEEEZE!"

Leaning Forward: Navigating The Bumpy Road Toward Change

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Casellula Cheese & Wine Cafe Yes, I call myself The Caffeinated Day Tripper because I am a traveler who is addicted to coffee. Cheese and wine, however, slide in at a very close second. In fact, I briefly considered calling myself The Cheesy Wino Travel Blogger but it didn’t have that je ne sais […]

NYC Restaurant Review: Casellula Cheese & Wine Cafe

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Love Trendy Boho & Vintage-Look Styles? Want Easy to Pack, Yet Fashionable, Clothing For Your Next Travel Adventure? We’re travelers. We’re women. We rock that messy bun and those muddy boots but, sometimes, we also want to show the world who we are in more fashionable ways. The Caffeinated Day Tripper has hand-picked […]

Trendy Boho & Vintage-Look Styles For The Fashionable Traveler

You,sir, are a busy man. You're climbing Mt. Monadnock, trekking through Nepal, planning that safari or checking out the nearest human watering hole ( i.e. the pub) so why not let us do the shopping for you? We've hand-picked 50 of the highest-rated & reviewed men's travel apparel items in an effort to get you to the airport on time.

We’ve Hand-picked The Best in Men’s Travel Apparel, Shoes and ...

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New York City, 5th Avenue, Window Display  New York City’s famed 5th Avenue features some of the finest shopping in the world. What if Cartier, Tiffany, Versace and Valentino aren’t in your travel budget? There is always window shopping! Window Design, after all, is an art, as well as a […]

Phone Photo Friday: New York City 5th Avenue Window Display

Bryant Park
A Perfect New York City Moment Speaks For Itself   The quintessential New York City moment at Bryant Park’s, Celsius. Play the video to enjoy it with me!   Did You Enjoy This NYC Moment? Let us know! Leave a comment in the box below. Don’t forget to follow the blog to keep up on all […]

A Perfect New York City Moment

Travel Accessory Fashion
Trendy Travel Accessories For Every Budget And Taste You may have heard. I’m sort of in love with fashion; as much as I adore travel…but less than coffee (if you’re keeping a tally at home). Wine kicks all of their sorry butts but, hey, it’s wine. Duh. I’m forever searching out cute travel outfits and accessories. […]

Travel Accessories, Like Paris, Are Always A Good Idea

Infant Incredible Hulk Street Art NYC 2
Ron English’s Street Art, Entitled “Temper Tot”, Will Blow Your Mind! Of all days to leave my camera at the hotel! *face-palm* Nevertheless, I snapped this shot with my smart phone. Incredible work by artist Ron English. This baby Hulk towers four stories above Mulberry Street in New York City’s Little Italy. It was created for […]

Mind-Blowing Street Art! Infant Incredible Hulk in NYC?

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A Photo Tour of Rockport Massachusetts Rockport is a quaint, artsy, seaside village in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States. It is about 40 miles/64 km northeast of Boston at the very top of  the Cape Ann peninsula. Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, Rockport is a neighbor of Gloucester, a place you may recall from the blockbuster movie The Perfect Storm, starring George Clooney […]

Rockport Massachusetts| A Photographic Tour

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Did You Enter Our Traveler’s Checklist Memo Set Giveaway? Anxious To Know Who The Winner Is? Remember our post Want to Win A Great Travel Prize? Well, we’ve randomly chosen our winner (through the tried and tested “pick the name out of a hat” method) and it is Clare Laming of Monarch Butterfly Voyager. Her blog just […]

And The Winner Of The Traveler’s Checklist Memo Set Is…

Travel Prize 1
What Traveler Doesn’t Love Winning Prizes? Want to WIN this Traveler’s Memo Set (a $32 value), full of handy checklists for planning your next FIFTY voyages, road trips, camping trips and packing lists? Four brightly colored, 5″ x 8.5″, 50 page check-lists will help keep your planning stress-free. You can […]

Want to Win A Great Travel Prize?

Porcupine Tree
How Would You Like To Meet A Baby Porcupine?      Two summers ago, we had our first porcupine encounter here at The Caffeinated Day Tripper homestead. If you’ve read our Who Is The Caffeinated Day Tripper page, you know that we live just outside the The Sheldrick Forest Preserve in Southern New Hampshire. We see A […]

Meet Our Baby Porcupine, Porky Jr!

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Really, Tourist Dude? Wieners Now? On Selfies And Photo-bombing You’ve seen the photos of breathtakingly barren scenic landscapes and seemingly abandoned tourist attractions. You think to yourself: “Self, when I visit there, I am going to get the greatest photo of <–insert 8th Wonder of the World or bitchin’ selfie here–> […]

That Time A Wiener-Eating Tourist Had The Nerve To Photo-bomb ...